Welcome to FrogDAO, the first community-driven crypto incubator specialized in Cardano (ADA) based project development.

We understand creators and investors are special, and we work together to bring communities and ideas to life. Fostering innovation with intent and meaning—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

FrogDAO is a decentralized incubator that fosters innovation and supports projects with talented teams and developers, to realize their potential by connecting them with our community.
Unlike other decentralized incubators, FrogDAO specializes in projects who are looking to build on Cardano (ADA). Because of the unsafe nature of crypto, FrogDAO especially values the safety brought to users and developers on Cardano (ADA).

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What Does FrogDAO Do?

Project Incubation

Our involvement with projects can vary based on needs and spans across three levels:

Level I


We work with projects early—right from their tadpole beginnings up until exchange listing and beyond. A variety of advisory, strategic, marketing, and listing services are provided to help incubated projects leap toward their goals.
Level II

Strategic Contribution

We support projects with social media strategy, including Twitter and Telegram.
Level III

General Contribution

FrogDAO manages OTC sales and community requests, with no direct involvement in the project.

At the heart of FrogDAO are our “Frogs”. Our Frogs are special: they are our community and the key in helping our partner projects flourish.

A Decentralizing Opportunity

$FDD will be available to buy on Uniswap. There will also be other ways to earn $FDD through community rewards by participating in community events and activities. Ultimately, the DAO will decide on which other networks might launch $FDD in the future.
FrogDAO is built on inclusivity and opportunity, so will endeavor to make sure part of any allocation reaches Frogs at all membership levels, so everyone has a chance to actively support upcoming projects.

Decentralized Frog Governance

Token ($FDG)



Alongside FrogDAO’s native token, we will introduce a FrogDAO Governance Token ($FDG).

Since FrogDAO is a community-driven incubator, Frogs will have a big say and the ability to vote on which projects they would like to see incubated. Upcoming projects who are looking to get incubated, will go through a multi-day voting period in the FrogDAPP. During this voting period, Frogs can vote for the projects they would like to see incubated the most. There will be a separate token-permissioned membership group exclusively for $FDG holders.



Frogs can earn $FDG by pooling liquidity into the ETH/$FDD pool on Uniswap, and therefore receiving LP-tokens (Liquidity Provider tokens). The LP-tokens which Frogs receive for pooling liquidity, have to be staked in the FrogFARM in order to farm the FrogDAO Governance Token ($FDG).



The smart contract which enables farming of the FrogDAO Governance Token, will start 24 hours after the main Uniswap listing of FrogDAO. We’ve taken this measure in order to give all Frogs equal opportunities to farm the FrogDAO Governance Token

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